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About Us


The Red Fox's brick & mortar location is a modern dream rooted in the past. In the 1960s my grandmother owned a locally famous dress store called Maud's & The Red Fox in Logan, Utah in the 1970's. As shopping malls entered towns and downtowns began to shut down, my grandmother, Flo, closed up shop to pursue other interests. I didn't arrive on the scene until the 80s, so I was never able to see her shops in person. However, if they were anything like my grandmother, they were full of high class style, grace, and elegance - with a bit of quirk and humor on the side. She is my idol and holds the very deepest place in my heart.


In 2012, I decided to jump into the world of online retail and begin to build my brand and inventory. Something was always missing and I felt disconnected from my clients sitting behind the screen. So much of what I do is help a person find the right product - it's challenging to do within a listing. My desire to be downtown faced many challenges, like high rent, massive spaces, and parking issues, and I shed many tears (just ask my mom). I knew I needed an affordable location to keep my prices low for the community I serve.


In 2015, the perfect location revealed itself and now houses The Red Fox @ 72 West Center in Logan, Utah. We opened in 2016 and have continued to build healthy client relations and expand inventory.




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